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My name is Stephen Puryear and I am very happy to welcome you to my site. A lot of it's content is intended for an audience of fellow facility operations data analysis people. I have been collecting my thoughts since the 10 year period when I did instrumentation and calibration work. While remaining in Facilities Support, I have changed my emphasis during a transition to an engineering role. Two and a half years ago I started doing contract engineering work within the pharmaceutical sector. My experience has expanded. I have used SAP on a daily basis, written many work orders, and learned about Bills Of Materials. Lately I have been creating learning materials about how to make Estimates of Measurement Uncertainty. Look for the first of these modules on YouTube! This one is short-only 10 minutes. It explains some of the fundamental differences between statements of uncertainty and statements of performance like calibration tolerances. Check out Measurement Uncertainty and Calibration Tolerances . I hope that what I have learned will help someone trying to apply analysis to a problem similar to the ones I have often seen in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. In any case, I hope that you find something here to match a challenge that you are encountering.

Truly new problems are very rare. The more common challenge is to recognize and then adopt what someone else already figured out somewhere else and then fit it into your current framework. If you as a reader gets half as much value out of the material as the fun I had collecting, updating and presenting it, then it is much more than worthwhile. The human brain has been selected over many generations to NOT do statistical thinking very well. None the less, we are at a place in our development in which we must start doing it anyway. Do not give up. You may end up liking it just as much as I have. I am proud to follow Stephen Stigler at this point and quote Sir Francis Galton: I have a great subject to write upon.


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