I live with my wonderful wife Terri and various companions next to San Pablo Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I have worked consistently within Facility Operations groups since graduating from a technical school in the early 1980’s. Over time my focus has narrowed and I have gotten involved with a series of jobs within the Biotech business sector starting with Cetus Corporation in 1988. These jobs were instrumentation/calibration assignments on the technical side until about 1998 when I got the Engineering bug while studying for an ASQ Quality Engineering certification. Since then, I have performed a variety of tasks that I would label Quality or Industrial Engineering.

While the scope of my tasks have narrowed, obtaining an MBA and an engineering license from the State of California broadened my experience as it applies to the general problems of maintenance organizations within the biotech sector. The sector displays a fascinating mixture of very advanced and quite retarded practices.

A big event for my career occurred when I accidentally discovered the FDA’s Process Analysis technology (PAT) initiative. When I read about it, I quickly became very energized and excited. Its very weak reception by the industry reveals a lot about how business gets done in the sector.

With the coming of PAT, the stage was set for me to try it for myself. At the time I worked at Chiron Corporation. Given the indifference that PAT seemed to generate at Chiron, I came to believe that I should do some PAT-like project on my own as a “test bed”. Some of the results of that effort can be found under this sites’ platform tab.

I started producing a variety of materials on Maintenance related topics both for my organization as well as journals and other professional organizations whose interests paralleled mine. The Maintenance business has movements within it that match very well with the progressive outlook of PAT. Many people and groups are continually renewing their attack on waste and attempting to optimize their work output. This is a global challenge. Exciting, interesting proposals are as likely to come from Australia as here, or anywhere else for that matter. My work in this area has covered a variety of topics both in maintenance and calibration and can be found under the research tab.

The results are here for all to see and share if they care to.

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