Hats Off to Dr. Jody Muelaner places the GUM, SPC, and Gauge R&R in the same framework; what exciting things might happen then?
ISO 55000 and 9001 Link Risk Management and Calibration brings risk to the organization because of Measurement Uncertainty. How can we mitigate this risk?
Yes, the GUM uses calculus to derive Sensitivity Coefficients. Calibrators, WE'VE GOT THIS! GUM uses calculus to describe uncertainty behavior and limits. How can calibrators without a calculus background survive and thrive in this environment?
Bayes Versus Frequentism Right In The Middle Of The GUM! GUM is composed from the ground up using both "Bayesian" and "Frequentist" models. Often, this doesn’t matter, sometimes it does matter very much.
Uncertainty YES, Fear NO need not fear any of the math or theory in the GUM, even the calculus!
Calibrators and Measurement People E&H presents a Self Calibrating Temperature Device and Hauser has delivered an industry first, a "self-calibrating" temperature sensor. This represents a fundamental change in process measurement.
Be cautious around "ROI" Here's why has a technical meaning within Management Accounting that almost always gets overlooked in common use. Even when we choose to ignore it, it pays to devote less that 10 minutes to understanding its meaning.
Process Limits, Alarm Limits and a lot more, thanks to Andy DeGrandi asked me to pontificate, so I did. How are different kinds of Limits associated with each other in a production environment?
All Measurements Are Wrong But They Contain No Errors"All measurements are estimates", which gets us into fundamental Measurement Uncertainty
Pipette User Capability are some of the sources of measurement errors when it comes to using pipettes in a lab setting?
LN2 System Attributes and Threats disastrous LN2 failures at fertility clinics highlight some of the practices of these businesses, and their risks.
Pharmas Are Vulnerable To Disruption do their built-in assumptions expose the Pharma industry to disruption?
We Cannot Mitigate Measurement Risk Without Understanding it few examples of the way that a measurement process and a risk process might intersect.
All Data Is Biased Data, ML and Big Data depend critically on input data quality, but…
China and India Walk Into A Bar…"">China and India might be better served by ignoring all Western Pharma patents and copyrights and creating their own business sphere.
Measurement Uncertainty and Calibration Tolerances. What Do They Have To Do With Each Other? are these two concepts associated with each other?
Let's Use Monte Carlo To Validate A Calibration Rule Of Thumb Part 1 of a pair of videos
Monte Carlo Part Two- The Deets Monte Carlo column by column
Guest Video: "All About That Bayes" Kristin Lennox speaks at Lawrence Livermore Lab. This is superb!
Review Ephrons Book: Computer Age Statistical Inference book is a tremendous resource!
The Bootstrap Method Supports Risk Mitigation, it does! Brad Ephron says so.
Bootstrap Realized In Excel in a single equation!
If You Insist On Overfitting Your Data, I'm Here To Help! from a new angle